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Shahrukh Khan v/s Aamir Khan

Today, I was lucky enough to see the new Aamir Khan ‘Titan – Be More’ advert on television. And I only have one word for this; mind-blowing. It’s rare we see ads like these with big stars in it. And only Aamir can deliver an ad of such brilliance. Such aura, such panache, we cannot ask for anything more than this.

This reminds me of an ad of equally brilliant stature by ICICI ‘Global Private Clients’ advert which had Shahrukh Khan in it. This one literally gave me goosebumps when I saw it for first time. You could actually feel Shahrukh Khan when he is talking. Excellent direction i must say.

Now the point of me writing this post is, which one of the stars is giving better leverage to the brand they are endorsing? Or are they really giving any leverage?

Aamir Khan pretty successfully manages to put his personality across through this ad film. He’s changing watches just the way he changes his style. And this is only to get more out of himself, as he says. Whereas, Shahrukh also equally succeeds in moving the brand close to his identity in the ICICI film. His mysticism, the respect he commands and the title of being the ‘Badhshah’ of everything he does, is quiet easily established. So here, you have a bank who lets you live life on your terms, like a badhshah.

The other question thats haunting me is, who’s more successful between these two films? Let’s not think about the past ads that they have done. The post only pertains to these two films, as to who is leader when it comes to endorsing the brand. I’m seriously in a fix in choosing any one of them, though i can be a little biased towards the Shahrukh one.

Please post your comments and lets have a discussion. You can watch both the films below, incase you haven’t seen them.

Titan – Be More



July 11, 2008 at 10:42 pm 1 comment

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