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Writing your film

When sitting down to write my film, i had quite a few options to choose from. First, the classical method. Writing and formatting it manually on MS Word, which is a lot of pain. Second, get a copy of Final Draft and immediately get down to business. Which is what a majority of people do. And Third, discover Celtx.CeltxI happen to come across Celtx at a blog i read regularly (Thanks Sam Longoria, your posts are really inspiring. But long time, no see). And the software instantly clicked for me. It was more or less similar to Final Draft which i had used, but now the updated version is not just a movie writing software, but alot more than that. I say, a very important tool for all the media writers.

It has templates for all the amateur writers to help them begin. Then, have all the features of Final Draft. Save your projects, on your hard disk as well as online, export a pdf version of your work, index your complete script and also help in channelizing all your production work and other things that go in Pre-Production of a film; i.e., what’s gonna be the make-up and who’s doing it, the art setup and list of all the props, generating a call sheet and also about location survey. And if you still feel anything is missing, you can add it yourself.

The feature that stands out is its online support. You can add any number of users to work on the project. Like, if your Art Director working on the same project needs to keep updating it again and again, all you have to do is allow him the access. And he’s in. So similarly, a lot of other people can work on it just by installing the software and updating it to their server whenever they want. So everybody can see what going on with the project and thus, stay updated. And so, Project Central was born.

Project Central is where you have all the project uploaded on their server and created on Celtx. In short, a meeting point for all the users. But you have an option of going public with your project. Or else, you can keep it private too (I’m gonna go public soon). So you have your space where you can show all the projects that are under you. Basically, get a page for yourself and let many people see and comment on it (My most favourite part 😉 Check out mine). They also have a blog where they feature Project of the Week (POW) and also talk about film festivals.

All of this is a lot of stuff. Well, now comes a suprise. You get all of this FREE. So you get to not just write a film professionally but also manage it. Which is a difficult task.

So, now go work like a pro and reap all the benefits that Celtx provides you. Coz im all over Celtx.

P.S. – More about Celtx below.

So this is cinema?

There’s no such thing as good writing



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